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Ace Krave 19-Jul-18 12:17 AM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran Hello Ranks, I have made this new private Text Channel "Ranks-Only" - Anything we need to discuss without members/applicants/clan-friends seeing can be posted in here. (edited)
When u click on this Rank-Only Channel, you can see all our current ranks in the left of discord who can view this private channel.
King KObra 19-Jul-18 01:20 AM
awesome. we needed this
Cards 19-Jul-18 01:25 AM
Yes, I agree!
Blue_Hatz 19-Jul-18 02:05 AM
xoce 19-Jul-18 02:08 AM
do i make classify as ranked?
ohhhh i do
Ace Krave 19-Jul-18 02:09 AM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran, Im looking to promote 1-3 Members this week, if u got anyone in mind who stands out. Let me know who they are ๐Ÿ’ช (edited)
I would hate to be doing work for a clan and not get noticed, so lets make sure we dont miss anyone who could be rank worth (edited)
I dont get to see much of the late american timezones either
xoce 19-Jul-18 02:26 AM
rudboyz looking promising.
Cards 19-Jul-18 02:31 AM
ill make sure to be watching the late american timezones
hopefully we can get people on then
im usually the only one on
xoce 19-Jul-18 06:54 AM
Has anyone seen the new framed and kempq video challenge? They paired up into 2s and saw who could make the most money in wilderness only over 3 hours. starting at 0gp always having to have all their cash on them at all times. I reckon it would be a fun little ream bonding event if we ever ran out of what to do.
Remorex 19-Jul-18 11:56 AM
Haven't been playing that much the past 2 weeks so i dont think im the right one to nominate
xoce 19-Jul-18 12:23 PM
I think keep your eyes on rudboyz. Also #skipforprez ;) only because ace is the one true king
Ace Krave 19-Jul-18 02:17 PM
@nikkilee87 You be able to see into this ranks only channel now.
Ace Krave 19-Jul-18 05:20 PM
Updated CC ranks, im sure some of u will be happy with it ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ
Cards 19-Jul-18 11:16 PM
I lost 145m guys
feels bad
Holy 19-Jul-18 11:22 PM
Damn bro
Cards 19-Jul-18 11:22 PM
yeah trying to figure out what do to lol
time to go loose more
Holy 19-Jul-18 11:24 PM
How are you losing it?
Cards 19-Jul-18 11:28 PM
obv lol
Holy 19-Jul-18 11:28 PM
Maybe risk fighting
Never know
Gl anyways
Cards 19-Jul-18 11:29 PM
Ace Krave 20-Jul-18 12:57 AM
this is ranks chat
gtfo with ur storys
Clan talk only.
Blue_Hatz 20-Jul-18 04:05 AM
those f2p matches we have been having have been improving its really helping with group piles and helping callers aswell . just a couple of kinks we still have to work on like with some people listening to whats going on
we did a great job in clearing a couple a clans up at revs aswell people were on point with the piles and listening to locations
Flip Flops 20-Jul-18 12:08 PM
boys i wanna do a fun event tonight
๐Ÿ‘ 1
Ace Krave 20-Jul-18 04:04 PM
@Veteran @Legend @Dedicated Please join discord when ur able to, sit in a channel inside discord. Even if muted or afk - it helps with activity / looks good for new recruits !
๐Ÿ‘Œ 2
Blue_Hatz 20-Jul-18 09:48 PM
i second that jamie
/world 10 for rev pking
Remorex 20-Jul-18 09:52 PM
@Flip Flops im in for that !
King KObra 20-Jul-18 10:10 PM
@Flip Flops what's going on?
@Gluon go to singles pking
King KObra 21-Jul-18 03:53 PM
@Ace Krave Purge vwj needs to be kicked out of this clan
V W J 21-Jul-18 03:59 PM
Wait what? What'd I do?
King KObra 21-Jul-18 04:00 PM
stop playing ignorant. i was there. and was one that was killed
V W J 21-Jul-18 04:00 PM
Dudr I was the one telling them to off you
I remember bro when you were northwest-ish right?
King KObra 21-Jul-18 04:03 PM
exactly. running with another clan, and bsing another member
V W J 21-Jul-18 04:05 PM
Lol bro we all had red hats on. They're close buddies I always pk with. I even mention them to ace alrdy bout them wanting to join. I was bsing nobody.
It's all just a misunderstanding bro. Can I be moved back into the pk channel now ?
Ace Krave 21-Jul-18 04:09 PM
If they are not purge, help them join. but don't pk with them especially while we are pking same time it will clash, but we trust you just a misunderstanding
But its good we can talk about this here and deal with it
@V W J You should be fine joining the pk trip
V W J 21-Jul-18 04:11 PM
Awesome. My bad Savage for the misunderstanding.
Ace Krave 21-Jul-18 04:18 PM
@Dedicated @Legend @Veteran I have an idea that we all get style characters *example "Female, White Skin, Red Hair" This is just an idea atm, what do you think? (edited)
King KObra 21-Jul-18 04:19 PM
i like the idea, but i still want to be a guy
adwox 21-Jul-18 04:20 PM
Ya that's dedicated. I prefer my bald green pants male
King KObra 21-Jul-18 04:48 PM
ahh, before i forget. i feel that Smoke Gas, should get ranked. he is very good at calling, leading, and isint toxic
nikkilee87 21-Jul-18 04:56 PM
Female > male characters
Ace Krave 21-Jul-18 05:23 PM
Female is best
we will do a vote later today
Remorex 21-Jul-18 06:44 PM
@V W J atleast they AND you had red hats haha ๐Ÿ˜„
Ace Krave 21-Jul-18 09:06 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran redhat Clan Recruiting EVENT redhat Starting in 30 Minutes! - Come spend 5-15mins on helping the clan grow, those who show up and help build Purge also takes credit for our success!
5-15 mins of recruiting starting in 30mins, lets try to get people on for this
King KObra 21-Jul-18 09:36 PM
@everyone come help the clan grow guys, meet new people, and gain new allies in the recruiting trip! come join. also gives us a good chance to meet members we havent met before
xoce 22-Jul-18 09:43 AM
What do you boys think about an incentive for 99 stats? Something easy like ballista for range, occult for mage and like 20 dds' for str? 700k worth of anglers and pnecks for hp?
Ace Krave 22-Jul-18 05:41 PM
Starting Monday, I'm going to be super active.
adwox 22-Jul-18 08:19 PM
Smokegas is a bser. Don't get caught up in his good effort lately
adwox 22-Jul-18 09:00 PM
Didn't imbued capes and freeman jr join other clans and talk shit about purge a week ago or so
Blue_Hatz 22-Jul-18 09:01 PM
Incentives for 99s? No lol
Yeah capes left bro
Smokegas is a bser?
I pked with him earlier for like 6 hours lol
adwox 22-Jul-18 09:03 PM
Capes is in cc. And bro. Me and you were pking together and smokegas killed us with rev killers like 2 weeks ago. He's a clan hopper. So I don't think he should be promoted
Blue_Hatz 22-Jul-18 09:05 PM
He didnt kill me :p i just said that to back you up lol
adwox 22-Jul-18 09:06 PM
Well whoever. They had 12 and we had 3 so we died. But he talked shit at the bank. So he's a piece of shit imo lol
Blue_Hatz 22-Jul-18 09:13 PM
Cards 23-Jul-18 12:55 AM
i love you guys
xoce 23-Jul-18 01:07 AM
Cute @Cards
Ace Krave 23-Jul-18 07:51 PM
@/world 19 edge - big clan fights / come now! - lets go
@Dedicated @Veteran Lets go show up guys,/world 19 edge - big clan fights / come now! - lets go
Ace Krave 24-Jul-18 01:55 PM
@Cards u need to stop saying random stuff like that, doesn't look good, plug has not left (edited)
Ace Krave 24-Jul-18 10:48 PM
@Rudboyz @The Narcos U can now see into our ranks channel โค
Ace Krave 24-Jul-18 11:58 PM
Nimexia was demoted for inactivity
still a member tho
Ace Krave 25-Jul-18 08:17 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran I'm looking for some ranks to step up and help me with something that involves typing, maybe someone in here is very formal good typer? (edited)
Basically looking for ranks who can message clan-friends on discord that are on pk trips and get them to become a member/applicant
simply saying "did u know ur a clan freind in purge discord, do u want to become a clan member instead? i think you'll be great in here as a member" (edited)
This but with ur own written version, better ^ (edited)
@King KObra ? :p
@CLEO ? :p
@V W J ? :p
Remorex 25-Jul-18 08:53 PM
haha ๐Ÿ˜›
Cards 25-Jul-18 11:31 PM
Ace Krave 26-Jul-18 07:02 PM
@si1ent Has been promoted to Advanced Member!
@si1ent You can now see into our rank only channel
@Dedicated @Legend @Veteran Keep mentioning in the CC, that we have a big pk trip in 2hours.
1hour 50mins actually
keep telling people
hey bro, big pk trip in 2hours - dont miss this โค
Blue_Hatz 26-Jul-18 08:03 PM
just recruited 'Fzang" getting him into discord now
The Narcos 26-Jul-18 08:11 PM
pk trip in like 30 min right?
can someone get this guy named ripazha in cc the discord link"?
Ace Krave 26-Jul-18 10:51 PM
Started: 40 / Maintained 35 Sparc Mac was camping revs with 100-140 Players scaring away many clans, we wasn't gonna let that scare us. We Are...
If u have sharkbrew account, reply to this topic.
all pure clans use this website
The Narcos 27-Jul-18 02:05 PM
yo bois
just saw baby nose teleport o
Ace Krave 27-Jul-18 07:26 PM
@Dedicated @Legend @Veteran Keep mentioning in the CC, that we have a big pk trip in 1 hour 30mins.
1 hour 30mins another big trip
barrage that 27-Jul-18 08:40 PM
@Veteran @Legend @Dedicated move up to chilling for some premass
The Narcos 28-Jul-18 08:16 PM
any big trip today?
Ace Krave 29-Jul-18 01:10 AM
This week purge has been doing surprisingly good, very good pulls & Many events. Leets keep this going.
We also need to keep growing, i want to be able to pull 50-70 on Sunday p2p trips vs clans
Blue_Hatz 29-Jul-18 02:57 AM
Would be very nice
Holy 29-Jul-18 11:00 AM
Gz @barrage that Well deserved.
barrage that 29-Jul-18 11:00 AM
tyty bro
Holy 29-Jul-18 11:00 AM
Where u from btw? Ante
@barrage that
barrage that 29-Jul-18 11:01 AM
sweden bro
Holy 29-Jul-18 11:01 AM
No Balkan?
barrage that 29-Jul-18 11:01 AM
half greek half finland
Holy 29-Jul-18 11:01 AM
Ah, alright. Tought u was from the Balkan haha.
barrage that 29-Jul-18 11:02 AM
hahaha many thinks that they say i look like iam from serbia lol
Holy 29-Jul-18 11:02 AM
Your name is tricky
Thats why bro
barrage that 29-Jul-18 11:02 AM
yeah bro
Holy 29-Jul-18 11:02 AM
Sounds like from balkan
But all good hehe
barrage that 29-Jul-18 11:03 AM
yeah bro u going to pk?
Holy 29-Jul-18 11:03 AM
Iโ€™m going to store irl
When Iโ€™m back iโ€™m down
barrage that 29-Jul-18 11:06 AM
cya soon then bro
Holy 29-Jul-18 01:47 PM
<42470005639138246686> โš  Massive Clan Event Today [ Starting in 5hours 6pm GMT / 1pm EST ] weather you are a @deleted-role , @deleted-role , or even just a @deleted-role we want you there! You are expected to be there and help our clan if you are online. Thanks! โš  <42470005639138246686>
Ace Krave 29-Jul-18 05:25 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran - Be ready in 30minutes, will need all the support we can get, its not going to be easy. Today trips is a warmup for next Sunday. (edited)
Ace Krave 29-Jul-18 08:49 PM
Not so bad
clans pulled higher then usual today
when u guys see the video
it was actually decent
Ace Krave 30-Jul-18 01:19 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran - Guys, tons of recruiting this week. Next Sunday we are having 70+ People.
Blue_Hatz 30-Jul-18 01:20 PM
we're doin a great job purge is expanding
Holy 30-Jul-18 01:27 PM
The Narcos 30-Jul-18 05:06 PM
like holy shit
standard 16 people in caves rn
Goblin boi two toxic savage speaking Robots go skull tricking Episode 1 Video inspired by : REAL CONSPIRACY - check out his page in the link below its freaki...
lmao this is funny af
the commentating
Ace Krave 30-Jul-18 06:20 PM
This is ranks chat..
Remorex 30-Jul-18 09:44 PM
So ranks chat, when r we gonna bgs smite
and yea @The Narcos that shits epic HAHA
Ricky | P ricks 31-Jul-18 05:28 PM
We should do the bgs smiting again try to anyways
The Narcos 01-Aug-18 02:34 PM
Have fun mining copper and killing spiders goblin boi. Follow me on: -Twitter-https://twitter.com/25Buttholes -Instagram: @ 25_buttholes -Patreon: https://ww...
lol @Remorex
another one
Remorex 01-Aug-18 02:53 PM
man ur a fuckin legend
Ace Krave 01-Aug-18 11:56 PM
@Legend I got a idea that we only allow rag rangers if they bring a d scim or leafbladed axe
thats a start for lowering the rag rangers
Cards 02-Aug-18 12:46 AM
yeah i agree
Blue_Hatz 02-Aug-18 05:57 AM
yeah i agree
V W J 02-Aug-18 05:58 AM
Or bring d spears also ? Or na ? Lol
The Narcos 02-Aug-18 03:35 PM
Ace Krave 02-Aug-18 06:31 PM
@Legend @Dedicated Sometime today when most of you are online we will manage all our clan friends trying to get them to join us legit
we too many clan friends who pk with us on the regular and have not got a member tag, we must make them loyal members, it will be easily done with many of us online. (edited)
Ricky | P ricks 02-Aug-18 06:32 PM
Okay mate
Blue_Hatz 02-Aug-18 07:18 PM
ayyye thats great ace
@Ace Krave fatality and misfits are out
barrage that 02-Aug-18 10:04 PM
they just skulled triked me lol
Ace Krave 02-Aug-18 10:15 PM
The Narcos 03-Aug-18 12:42 PM
Tom gets sniped - Clipped by flickleyourtickle
The Narcos 03-Aug-18 01:11 PM
i suggest we do an inners today at 6-7, ragg rangers vs the rest
to show them how little they help
The Narcos 03-Aug-18 02:36 PM
Blue_Hatz 03-Aug-18 05:36 PM
im down
wat time zone are you cat
The Narcos 03-Aug-18 08:56 PM
Ace Krave 04-Aug-18 12:43 AM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran Good shit today, they clears on FOE / EOP is really something we should be proud of.
Also tomorrow i offline untill 8pm gmt/ 3pm estt
barrage that 05-Aug-18 01:27 PM
sup ace
The Narcos 05-Aug-18 03:04 PM
this is in purge
he's literally pking with a combat bracelet for 2hours now
2 people who just speak portugese
Ace Krave 05-Aug-18 06:20 PM
@Dedicated @Veteran All be ready for regroup, in 30mins
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran Because of the amount of "Power Abuse" used by our ranks, muting/moving people just because they dislike that player, I've removed all powers and made a MOD rank ill be giving to those who can act normal and sensible..
barrage that 05-Aug-18 06:35 PM
yeah nice ro
Ace Krave 05-Aug-18 06:36 PM
@King KObra @Remorex @Blue_Hatz @Gluon @barrage that @Tyrant @Ricky | P ricks - Now have MOD Powers, Move/Kick/Mute/Unmute
Remorex 05-Aug-18 06:36 PM
Didnt we have it weeks ago? o.o
Ace Krave 05-Aug-18 06:36 PM
Yh but iv removed it only those players have it
learn to read ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ (edited)
barrage that 05-Aug-18 06:36 PM
yeah but to many guys haved it
Remorex 05-Aug-18 06:37 PM
I see
Ace Krave 05-Aug-18 06:47 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran Show up to Edge world 18 now - need you guys here before i regroup
adwox 05-Aug-18 11:01 PM
Would be nice if a guy who pked in North America at night had the ability to unmute people
The Narcos 06-Aug-18 01:37 PM
claws pk today at revs
Ace Krave 06-Aug-18 03:19 PM
@BIZZ You can now see into our ranks only channel
Ace Krave 06-Aug-18 05:10 PM
@Veteran @Dedicated @Legend We should do a clan event on tourny worlds, so we can all use max gear for inners/max accounts
The Narcos 06-Aug-18 05:23 PM
sounds good
Ace Krave 06-Aug-18 05:28 PM
its really fun man
BIZZ 06-Aug-18 09:19 PM
The Narcos 07-Aug-18 05:03 PM
Tom gets ssniped - Clipped by flickleyourtickle
The Narcos 07-Aug-18 08:21 PM
check the video
Remorex 07-Aug-18 09:51 PM
The Narcos 07-Aug-18 10:08 PM
Boomer Twins are back, Better than ever! Now with Blitz+Tb. Program: Windows Movie maker Songs in order of appearance: -Soilwork - Distoration sleep -Spinesh...
adwox 08-Aug-18 03:23 AM
barrage that 08-Aug-18 09:27 PM
u guys up to something?
BIZZ 10-Aug-18 09:05 AM
why is this fuck boy in the clan ranked
and being racist in cc
please kick him i cannot stand racism
he goes or i go
cannot stand racism bruv i dont care if its over the fuckin internet kids a fuckin waste of space he can play with the road
1 prayer 70 odd str an all wtf lol
Blue_Hatz 10-Aug-18 09:56 PM
who are you talking about gl g
BIZZ 11-Aug-18 07:38 AM
this zuip pleb
The Narcos 11-Aug-18 09:30 AM
from the forum with purge 996699 in the topic
BIZZ 11-Aug-18 11:54 AM
The Narcos 11-Aug-18 04:40 PM
rev warriors bois
nice discord
The Narcos 12-Aug-18 05:30 PM
goldfarmer in cc
keeps asking about looting
CLEO 13-Aug-18 12:09 PM
Got banned on Both accounts people RiP
The Narcos 13-Aug-18 01:45 PM
apparent aoaa friend was in our cc
wanted to join discord
Ace Krave 13-Aug-18 03:54 PM
a lot people been asking for invite recently but
idk i declined many of them
looking like leaks
Ace Krave 13-Aug-18 07:46 PM
In purge we are heavily against multi clanners/clan hoppers, so we don't allow our friends/members to pk with other groups. We have a rule " Red Or Dead" So basically Purge Only.
Send them this before inviting them
BIZZ 13-Aug-18 07:47 PM
Remorex 13-Aug-18 07:47 PM
Ace Krave 13-Aug-18 08:06 PM
Hmu if any clans out
The Narcos 13-Aug-18 10:06 PM
told you the venezualans are evolving
Ace Krave 13-Aug-18 10:25 PM
Peaked 25  -  Maintained 20 - Started 15 9 Hour Trip We are many, expect us. Midweeks kings <3     Media: ...
The Narcos 14-Aug-18 01:32 PM
keith 14-Aug-18 01:32 PM
BIZZ 14-Aug-18 01:33 PM
keith 14-Aug-18 01:46 PM
BIZZ 14-Aug-18 02:18 PM
keith 14-Aug-18 02:18 PM
BIZZ 14-Aug-18 02:19 PM
The Narcos 14-Aug-18 02:19 PM
keith 14-Aug-18 02:22 PM
keith 14-Aug-18 07:06 PM
BIZZ 14-Aug-18 07:22 PM
The Narcos 14-Aug-18 08:04 PM
small clan out
mini m4x - Clipped by flickleyourtickle
what clan is that mini m4x
keith 14-Aug-18 08:25 PM
how i .ink a dude the discord
The Narcos 14-Aug-18 08:25 PM
Ace Krave 15-Aug-18 04:52 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Dedicated Be on tomorrow for 20vs20 against BP
Ace Krave 15-Aug-18 10:19 PM
Peaked 30  -  Maintained 25  - Started 20 The Onslaught Fatality Rushed us in Revenant Cave, they got perfected x2  They was serious...
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran
reply to this now
barrage that 15-Aug-18 10:23 PM
Ace Krave 15-Aug-18 10:25 PM
Reply on this guys
BIZZ 15-Aug-18 11:52 PM
Yhyh ill make an account after this wildy task bro
forgot my old one
Remorex 15-Aug-18 11:53 PM
Not even gonna reply to that.
i got sent to hell by 2x 110's at the start of the fight, they are no honor fighting, this is the reason im not participating in any source of run ins or a war setup against us or any other shit clan.
They can try us at revs, or at clan wars where we can see who they really got, cus getting higher lvls to take out maxer pures IN a pvp world is fuckin nonsense.
BIZZ 15-Aug-18 11:55 PM
we will just do it in clan wars next time against them if they act like that but dont mean we will back down
not every clan will act like that i hope
Remorex 15-Aug-18 11:56 PM
Runescape is a no honor game, tryna be the biggest, suckin every dick to do that
We shouldnt participate with other clan in any way, leave them to themself, clear em or scare them off.
I dont get what we have to proce to these motherfuckers...
They only wanted the run in cus we fucked em back to lumbridge at revs... what do we do? fall for the bait..
BIZZ 15-Aug-18 11:58 PM
i hear u
Remorex 15-Aug-18 11:58 PM
Dont know if anyone else feels the same way, but fuck runins and no honor fighting, i can get 40 def in an hour to defend myself against these guys
they had fighters torso, fucking rune defenders, fire capes
BIZZ 15-Aug-18 11:59 PM
yeah i dont mind if its clan wars or gdz where they cant telly out but it needs to be matched ops no mains
Remorex 15-Aug-18 11:59 PM
run in is outta control
you dont even know what the fuck you run into
whats the point
Remorex 16-Aug-18 12:00 AM
i bet 99% of the people here are in here to get cash, not to prove to some 40 year old whale lookin motherfucker that we're the bigger clan
cus no fucking clan beat us at revs once we prepare
that's why i say, stick to revs
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 12:02 AM
yeah ill fight them wherever but we clear them at revs
Remorex 16-Aug-18 12:02 AM
Yea i hear ya, thats what im saying ๐Ÿ˜›
fight them, where we fucking CLEAR them, flame em at edge
fight for ourself, not for the sake of what other clan thinks about or reputation, cus there are only greedy people which cannot handle to lose in a fair fight.
Running revs is everything to gain, nothing to lose
But yea i mainly talk about my opinion on the situation im not forcing ppl to think the way i do ๐Ÿ˜›
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 12:07 AM
yeah man i dont mind once we get better we will know how to deal with those situations
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 10:29 AM
keith 16-Aug-18 01:52 PM
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 01:52 PM
keith 16-Aug-18 02:05 PM
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 02:05 PM
keith 16-Aug-18 02:27 PM
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 02:46 PM
keith 16-Aug-18 02:48 PM
The Narcos 16-Aug-18 02:48 PM
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 02:48 PM
The Narcos 16-Aug-18 02:48 PM
ignore 70
The Narcos 16-Aug-18 03:08 PM
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 03:09 PM
Blue_Hatz 16-Aug-18 04:27 PM
dizzy skimmy
just cleared fi at caves too xd
Ace Krave 16-Aug-18 04:53 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran Be online in 2hours - 20 vs 20 against BP, I'm gonna need you all
Gluon 16-Aug-18 05:10 PM
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 05:10 PM
Ace Krave 16-Aug-18 06:14 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran Be online in [ 40 MINUTES ] 20 vs 20 against BP, I'm gonna need you all
Ace Krave 16-Aug-18 09:11 PM
Peaked 25 -  Maintained 25   The Onslaught Perfected x2 Lost like 2, 1st round. 2nd round 0   Pov
redhat 1
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 09:16 PM
bro it wouldnt let me reply on the last 1?
Ace Krave 16-Aug-18 10:09 PM
Guys i just fucked up
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 10:09 PM
Ace Krave 16-Aug-18 10:11 PM
i got the cc account perm banned
Purge Clan
But the cc is still up
bascially clan IR spammed our CC, so i spammed their cc for like 15 seconeds
it got perm banned
Remorex 16-Aug-18 10:15 PM
those kids lmfao
Ace Krave 16-Aug-18 10:20 PM
this shit made me mad
The cc is still up but
We can rank anyone/block anyone
in our "public cc"
I guess we can keep using it
and then 1week maybe ill make a new cc
and spend sometime moving everyone
should be easy but
its annoying
Srsly mad about that
perm banned for typing
BIZZ 16-Aug-18 10:41 PM
yeah thats fucked man should not have gotten banned just for that but the report says macroing so appeal if it has not macro mage
King KObra 16-Aug-18 10:52 PM
Ace Krave 16-Aug-18 11:27 PM
They had a mod in their cc
so sad
We got our main guys ranked in CC
ill make new cc in like a month
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 12:30 AM
Wait so what happened ace?
Purge clan cc closed?
That cc is no longer available?
@Ace Krave
Ace Krave 17-Aug-18 12:33 AM
the account got banned
but i think cc is up
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 01:42 AM
Oh no i just checked on mobile its still open
How long until its closed?
We needa make a new cc bro
Gluon 17-Aug-18 04:27 AM
its not going to close
but since he doesnt have access to the account he cant block people or change anyones ranks
Remorex 17-Aug-18 09:18 AM
You gotta make a complaint bout that tho
BIZZ 17-Aug-18 11:58 AM
yeah man you should be able to appeal it because if there is no mage xp on the acc it cant be banned for macros?
of training mage
whats the deal with inviting people to discord can i invite people if i send them the red or dead rules etc
BIZZ 17-Aug-18 12:00 PM
alot of people ask me for discord and i tell them i have to wait to speak to ace etc.
The Narcos 17-Aug-18 12:02 PM
lol when you have 9 mutes and 1 caller
BIZZ 17-Aug-18 12:02 PM
yeah fuck that lmao
dont bother
new recruit
83 cb agser
Gluon 17-Aug-18 02:06 PM
if you invite someone tell them the rules, ask them if they have gear sets and see how experienced they are, give em tips if theyre nooobs and tell them to pm ace their in game name on discord
oh and tell them to tell ace you invited them so we know where everyone came from
The Narcos 17-Aug-18 02:09 PM
always ask how they got here
BIZZ 17-Aug-18 02:19 PM
i did ask he said saw us at revs and just heard around ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
but yh i will do in future
but if u scroll up ull see who he is
yeah he said edgeville pking he just saw someone and he is sending me his return tab now
Remorex 17-Aug-18 04:35 PM
Who's getting promoted?
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 04:38 PM
9 muted 1 caller
dead af
Gluon 17-Aug-18 04:38 PM
people shy lol
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 04:39 PM
Ace Krave 17-Aug-18 06:11 PM
Im so mad about the CC being banned
Like moving to a new CC is effort
I wonder how long a band CC lasts
The Narcos 17-Aug-18 06:13 PM
change one of your scouts into
purge cc
Ace Krave 17-Aug-18 06:21 PM
a lot of purge cc names r taken
but i will
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 06:33 PM
i think bt rage tb is a good leader hes a player that gets on later american times too
ive seen him on like 7pm - 2am est
Ace Krave 17-Aug-18 07:08 PM
@Veteran @Dedicated Welcome new ranks, this is our rank channel.
Kullirumpali 17-Aug-18 07:44 PM
oi oi
Ace Krave 17-Aug-18 08:48 PM
@Veteran @Dedicated @Legend We got a problem and I'm not sure how to deal with it atm, basically someone in clan IR has 2 discord accounts and is in here on 1 of them and inviting our members to IR discord on another discord account.
Ricky | P ricks 17-Aug-18 08:49 PM
FINLAD/NANNI 17-Aug-18 08:49 PM
King KObra 17-Aug-18 09:09 PM
@Ace Krave smokegas confirmed leak
Ace Krave 17-Aug-18 09:12 PM
thats just a IR member saying it
why the fk
would he bait himself
u think he giving himself up
thats dumb
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 09:29 PM
Wtf ...
Thats sad as fuck
@Ace Krave so they made a new disc acc and it got added in here so u cant see theyre in another discord?
kyleflanagan 17-Aug-18 09:35 PM
ill keep an eye out on the cc guys.. im usually on most the time whether im pking or not.
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 09:37 PM
Kullirumpali 17-Aug-18 09:39 PM
That titan guy joined the clan we were in (purge joe) earlier when joe wasnt even online and no1 said the clan in game. So he probably was on the call. smoke knew the cc when we were in that cos he was in disc earlier. After we changed cc and he was out of disc, titan didnt find our cc anymore
Dont think he was just quessing cc's cos joe wasnt even online
Ace Krave 17-Aug-18 09:42 PM
I will give all our ranks
IR discord soon
and we will do what they are doing
but with 20 people
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 09:43 PM
Hahaha bet xD
I was thinking dude i have a lvl 64 with 80 rng and 85 mage and 70hp and i thougjt about using it to leak another clan
Kullirumpali 17-Aug-18 09:45 PM
I just have a med lvl, could leak sog but its dead ๐Ÿ˜„
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 09:46 PM
Sog is dead lmfao
Stats of god was banned
Kullirumpali 17-Aug-18 09:47 PM
Ikr ๐Ÿ˜„
Dont even need to leak tbh. We clear most clans anyway
Blue_Hatz 17-Aug-18 09:48 PM
I have a med lv aswell could leak lowriders
Same woth my low lvl pure could leak like misfits
Kullirumpali 17-Aug-18 09:49 PM
I can get into lowriders disc anytime
Im in a channel wheres most of ppl from lowriders. Can just ask the link and will get it
keith 18-Aug-18 12:54 AM
Blue_Hatz 18-Aug-18 02:38 AM
wym 300k?
BIZZ 18-Aug-18 03:33 AM
he is writing down loot for splits lol]
LS Godly 18-Aug-18 04:25 AM
Return Tab. For all new recruits, doesnt have too be as much. but (10-20 returns per trip) https://gyazo.com/2cf6977910985d4a762bd7a7f743e377
@Blue_Hatz Ive got a 47 I made yesterday, lets train them both up and join 2 diff clans.
Leak the fuck out of them
kyleflanagan 18-Aug-18 06:11 AM
keep on eye on " who is johngalt" he had both his accounts in out cc's but not in discord and we were being jumped left right and center. may be a potential. once we left that cc to private one we were okay.
BIZZ 18-Aug-18 07:07 AM
kyleflanagan 18-Aug-18 08:07 AM
do we still have dizzyskimmy in here? or did he get kicked?
BIZZ 18-Aug-18 08:45 AM
kyleflanagan 18-Aug-18 08:54 AM
okay good, he was toxic as fuck.
Blue_Hatz 18-Aug-18 10:20 AM
Oh lol
Yeah i kickes dizzy last night found him with hydria screen shotted he killed me to :p
kyleflanagan 18-Aug-18 10:29 AM
good dude!
keith 18-Aug-18 12:56 PM
BIZZ 18-Aug-18 12:57 PM
71kay ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
keith 18-Aug-18 01:04 PM
The Narcos 18-Aug-18 01:04 PM
keith 18-Aug-18 01:15 PM
The Narcos 18-Aug-18 01:36 PM
BIZZ 18-Aug-18 01:36 PM
Ace Krave 18-Aug-18 04:31 PM
Im normally really honourable and against retaliating to drama/flame and being above it
but im highly considering camping this " IR Clan "
Custos 18-Aug-18 04:33 PM
Blue_Hatz 18-Aug-18 05:41 PM
Il be there
Ricky | P ricks 18-Aug-18 06:16 PM
The Narcos 18-Aug-18 08:17 PM
Wildy slayer and rev caves. 58 cb 75 range. BP!
LS Godly 18-Aug-18 08:19 PM
What do you think about a forums page? @Ace Krave I dont mind paying with inrl cash for one.
Ace Krave 18-Aug-18 08:35 PM
@LS Godly I know where/how to get a forums
LS Godly 18-Aug-18 09:40 PM
The Narcos 18-Aug-18 10:15 PM
LS Godly 18-Aug-18 11:37 PM
Tuesday, I will be purchasing Forums & GFX for Ace, we boutta blow this clan up even more. Lets get it boissss
BIZZ 18-Aug-18 11:44 PM
my g
Ace Krave 18-Aug-18 11:49 PM
Not for Ace
for Purge
LS Godly 18-Aug-18 11:52 PM
Da sqaud
Rudboyz 19-Aug-18 02:20 AM
anyone wanna pk?
Blue_Hatz 19-Aug-18 04:08 AM
@everyone does anyone know if 9mm ko was kicked or banned?
@Legend @Dedicated
FINLAD/NANNI 19-Aug-18 09:40 AM
lads, xlootedEbola logged in after that clan got sniped atleast 6 times
BIZZ 19-Aug-18 09:42 AM
9mm ko was with me when we was bgs;ing im sure he was one of the guys for the ags smite
Blue_Hatz 19-Aug-18 11:55 AM
Ahh okay
Ace Krave 19-Aug-18 01:22 PM
We need to start getting leaks into other clans
Clans we can hit/focus
The Narcos 19-Aug-18 01:37 PM
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 02:01 PM
ive got a pure im making i can get into a clan with and leak. Which one would you prefer? I dont mind sharing this account either so us ranks can use. https://gyazo.com/996e39ecc1e5d396fed333f38ad1c73c
The Narcos 19-Aug-18 02:30 PM
dh bomber kileld
barrage that 19-Aug-18 02:31 PM
28 barr in b dhide chaps
The Narcos 19-Aug-18 02:48 PM
barrage that 19-Aug-18 03:10 PM
antman141 that my mid
Blue_Hatz 19-Aug-18 05:29 PM
Nice pk focus
Ive also got a low lvl pure we can use to leak
Name is grey hatz
64 combat
Ricky | P ricks 19-Aug-18 05:35 PM
I've got one to 67cmb
Blue_Hatz 19-Aug-18 05:36 PM
Not many clans we can leak with 60 cbs
But i could probably get into hydra to leak
Or bp
And sog is dead lol
Im in IR discord atm
barrage that 19-Aug-18 05:59 PM
any1 have a ring of suff i can use doing zulrah?
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 06:17 PM
@Blue_Hatz im training mine too 90 range 94 mage 85 str, should be able too join foe or another larger team. We need leaks on those guys forsure. But the more leaks the better
Blue_Hatz 19-Aug-18 06:22 PM
Yeah bro
Ace Krave 19-Aug-18 07:13 PM
Dull is AAO rank its fine
Trust worthy, its fine
Next Sunday will be good Ill make sure we got leaks in clans we can actually kill to secure good trips (edited)
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran @Council @deleted-role I will be doing a big rank chat tonight
When most of our ranks are online I will notify you all
BIZZ 19-Aug-18 07:23 PM
nice bro ๐Ÿ˜‰
get it in there
Blue_Hatz 19-Aug-18 07:24 PM
okay ๐Ÿ˜„
BIZZ 19-Aug-18 07:24 PM
and yeah np
im here whenever
barrage that 19-Aug-18 07:57 PM
iam here asweel
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 08:08 PM
me 2
Got disc on my phone so ill always get it
barrage that 19-Aug-18 09:21 PM
req should be 85 range 82 mage 75 str and 60 att atleast 52 pray asweel
Ace Krave 19-Aug-18 09:24 PM
In purge we are heavily against multi clanners/clan hoppers, so we don't allow our friends/members to pk with other groups. We have a rule " Red Or Dead"
Do you have any return sets? multiple gear
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 09:25 PM
Ace Krave 19-Aug-18 09:25 PM
"here is a example"
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 09:25 PM
Ace Krave 19-Aug-18 09:25 PM
In purge we are heavily against multi clanners/clan hoppers, so we don't allow our friends/members to pk with other groups. We have a rule " Red Or Dead" Do you have any return sets? multiple gear
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 09:26 PM
fk u and ur 9 elders
Tele_tubbies 19-Aug-18 09:27 PM
black and blue hits? seems kinda shadey
keith 19-Aug-18 09:27 PM
Tele_tubbies 19-Aug-18 09:27 PM
use a vpn though
if they find out they will ddos you
i do
hero moomoo
Ace Krave 19-Aug-18 09:46 PM
In purge we are heavily against multi clanners/clan hoppers, so we don't allow our friends/members to pk with other groups. We have a rule " Red Or Dead"
Tele_tubbies 19-Aug-18 09:52 PM
they ltierally all jsut hopped
was w13
i saw maybe 10 total
Ace Krave 19-Aug-18 10:00 PM
In purge we are heavily against multi clanners/clan hoppers, so we don't allow our friends/members to pk with other groups. We have a rule " Red Or Dead" So basically Purge Only. Get them to send you Return set picture, show them a example
barrage that 19-Aug-18 10:00 PM
any1 have a suff?
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 10:01 PM
Kullirumpali 19-Aug-18 10:01 PM
What u chattin up dere 51
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 10:01 PM
@Ace Krave
106 cb vs 90
Kullirumpali 19-Aug-18 10:11 PM
Did i miss som
EscoVitch 19-Aug-18 10:12 PM
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 10:21 PM
I gotta run lads. Gf crashed her car like an idiot
Ace Krave 19-Aug-18 10:33 PM
keith 19-Aug-18 10:41 PM
(inc tome of dire)
LS Godly 19-Aug-18 10:46 PM
@Ace Krave what do you think of the following. Too apply: Picture of stats(85+mage; must tb at lowest, 85str ,85+ range combat,60 attack (70 min) List of all quests completed(must have dt, mith gloves, climbing boots etc.) Picture of p2p return sets.(min.10) including bracelets,mage+range+melee or range(including chins) + melee. And ALL wildnerness teleports. (Hence dt completion) Picture of f2p return sets.(min.10) ring of dueling + burning ammy for quick rg. Anything else too add from other ranks we need something like this posted for everyone including pictures as examples of what we want.
Ace Krave 19-Aug-18 10:50 PM
When u invite someone to discord, just make sure they know they not allowed to be in multiple clans, and ask them for screenshot of return sets
keith 19-Aug-18 11:07 PM
!play hiphop mix 7 noise exsplorer
Rythm 19-Aug-18 11:07 PM
youtube Searching ๐Ÿ”Ž hiphop mix 7 noise exsplorer
Playing ๐ŸŽถ Classic Rap & Hip Hop mix Part #7 - Now!
keith 20-Aug-18 12:04 AM
Rythm 20-Aug-18 12:04 AM
Playing ๐ŸŽถ Chronixx - Here Comes Trouble (Official Music Video) - Now!
Ace Krave 20-Aug-18 12:12 AM
Type music in #music-player retards
Recruiting tomorrow 8pm gmt.
New CC tomorrow, gonna need help moving everyone
Work on getting leaks into other clans
keith 20-Aug-18 12:15 AM
Rythm 20-Aug-18 12:15 AM
youtube Searching ๐Ÿ”Ž DONT WORRIE BE HAPPY
The Real Bobby McFerrin
Song Duration
Estimated time until playing
Position in queue
keith 20-Aug-18 12:28 AM
!play chainsmokers ww mix
Rythm 20-Aug-18 12:28 AM
youtube Searching ๐Ÿ”Ž chainsmokers ww mix
Song Duration
Estimated time until playing
Position in queue
Blue_Hatz 20-Aug-18 12:29 AM
@keith do music in music channel lol
๐Ÿ˜ซ 1
keith 20-Aug-18 12:29 AM
mb stoned af diidnt realize
will do from now on @Blue_Hatz
Ace Krave 20-Aug-18 07:20 PM
Highest OPS: 32 - Maintained Strong  25 Our members was doing a small 10 man rev trip when they got hit by Intense Redemption with 25. We quickly...
Ranks reply to this if you have sharkbrew accounts, if u dont you should get them big benefits from having1.
๐Ÿ’ฏ 1
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran
BIZZ 20-Aug-18 07:45 PM
Ace Krave 20-Aug-18 07:53 PM
If you make sharkbrew accounts, please reply some toxic shit to them
"IR smoked"
or someshit, they all do it on sharkbrew
Tele_tubbies 20-Aug-18 08:08 PM
lemme buy 50m ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
i do
LS Godly 21-Aug-18 12:03 AM
@Ace Krave ign : Hectopascal (old name scoper5263) 70 att 90 str 90 range , 56 mage working on 85+ as I have told him. Does anyone recognize his username/ think hes been with other clans ?
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 12:15 AM
I recruited him today @LS Godly
LS Godly 21-Aug-18 12:15 AM
hecto ?
@Ace Krave
he does sound kindve sketch while talking too him... iunno though I dont recognize the name
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 12:21 AM
shud b fine
LS Godly 21-Aug-18 12:26 AM
sweet, his disc is in the picture.
Blue_Hatz 21-Aug-18 03:46 AM
check it out
truly nasty in misfits discord
Blue_Hatz 21-Aug-18 04:01 AM
found ags boom in fatality aswell but hes not with us anymore
and cosmo krule is in AAO
all i could find
went through all their lists
@Ace Krave
BIZZ 21-Aug-18 10:24 AM
quite a few leaks then jeez
Blue_Hatz 21-Aug-18 12:41 PM
Looks like it
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 01:57 PM
jessu why they in AAO discord
adwox 21-Aug-18 02:07 PM
But why aao lol. They never crash us
BIZZ 21-Aug-18 02:10 PM
just cause his been in aao discord dont mean his a 100% leak tho
just have to keep eye on it and ask him to leave that discord
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 02:56 PM
I think some of them joined us, AAO is really small inactive clan
they pull like 35 on weekends and don't do anything else
Wouldn't leak us, unless they trying to steal members I doubt they would tho
They kinda need us
BIZZ 21-Aug-18 02:57 PM
yeah man they do need us for weekends to mass up
so i do doubt it
but people in misfits discord
different case
keep close on those peopl
close eye
Kullirumpali 21-Aug-18 02:59 PM
Ir was waiting us in cave after we were rg for 15m
Some guys have told me that they think xlootedebola is leaking
He is in disc, different world, joined just when we teled up
Blue_Hatz 21-Aug-18 03:46 PM
thats the leak
banned from disc and kicked from cc
@Ace Krave
maybe im the leak?:O
naaa lol
LS Godly 21-Aug-18 05:52 PM
@Ace Krave home in 30, wanna work on forums ?
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 05:57 PM
@LS Godly I talked to a forum hosts, he hosts most clans. He charges $18 a month (edited)
And he says $20 for him to add all the gfx and setup forums
LS Godly 21-Aug-18 06:08 PM
@Ace Krave sounds good man, ill talk too you when im back. So just 20 a month and no other payments ?
@BIZZ you at work bruv?
BIZZ 21-Aug-18 06:22 PM
yo just downloaded discord on my phone at work lol yeah i am man can still play just cant talk =/
got ur hammer when u need it tho dude
@LS Godly
and yo i can contribute towards monthly forum costs.
likkle fiver or something ๐Ÿ˜›
LS Godly 21-Aug-18 06:26 PM
I hear you @BIZZ i got it on my phone, so convenient especially for ranks. And yeah its no worries man! I trust you with my gp ๐Ÿ˜ and sall good man you dont need too if you dont want too. I can hold the forums together with my income
BIZZ 21-Aug-18 06:33 PM
cant expect u to do it all dude ill help too ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
whats £5 at the end of the day fuck all lol
and ite bro got it whenever u need it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
LS Godly 21-Aug-18 07:25 PM
Sounds good just walkin dog
Be on in 5, but yeah 5$ aint shit
Jr Phat could possibly be a leak. Hes in the cc with the multi trips, and not pking with them. Keep getting hit, green hats.
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:29 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran Anyone got a extra computer that they can leave turned on? setup some spamming bots, i can help it takes 20seconeds to setup
I got accounts you can spam on
You just get garyhood, click auto type - put in spam click start and leave the computer on.
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:30 PM
I can leave mine on while im at work
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:30 PM
Its been very helpful, a lot of people trying join us, but dont know our CC especialy with new CC
@Tyrant Awesome, how many hours r u able to leave it online for?
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:30 PM
honestly probably 16hrs a day lol
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:30 PM
Do you have garyhood auto typer?
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:30 PM
i can get it lol its garyshood
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:31 PM
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:31 PM
im just worried about getting banned or something i guess
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:31 PM
I been doing it everyday for 2weeks
at 4secs per spam
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:31 PM
dont have experience with autotyping for long amounts of time
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:31 PM
its not banable, only can get your account locked/muted, but easily unlocked.
i got account u can do it on also
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:32 PM
Id prefer to autotype in a near maxed acc with nice gear
ill do it on one of mine
setup at edge bank bounty world or what
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:32 PM
I tell you what to type
All pures CC [ Purge Lobby ] - Revs / multi / tournys
Just spam that every x4 seconeds, if ur spamming on max account maybe every 6 seconeds? (edited)
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:33 PM
if you say all pures were gonna get a bunch of zerks n shit
i feel like
some people still consider that a pure build
but i can type that idc
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:33 PM
pures are not zerks
and i ban them anyways
yh pls do
can u spam it at world 25 g.e
south abit
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:34 PM
starting tonight
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:34 PM
What times will it be
est timezone, thats good
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:35 PM
yeah something like that
depending on when i get to sleep
we definitely need to be recruiting
because our active daily member base has been declining it seems
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:36 PM
we pulled 33 yesterday
and had like 5 fights with IR
I think our numbers increase GMT
but decreasing EST
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:36 PM
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:37 PM
Exil3r will help with EST i think
he seems keen (edited)
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:37 PM
the overlap of timezones is pretty sick though
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:37 PM
Last week I banned maybe
40-70 people from our discord
Tyrant 21-Aug-18 09:38 PM
good riddance
those people were either inactive or leaks
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 09:38 PM
i would say 10 of them was active pkers but just awful/fishy
the rest was inactive/retired
BIZZ 21-Aug-18 09:40 PM
majority inactive i never see alot of them alone at all
needed a refresh
not online sorry
Tele_tubbies 21-Aug-18 09:56 PM
@keith wanna chuck a bill with me?
been spamming for an hour no1 wants to do without rapier
Ricky | P ricks 21-Aug-18 10:01 PM
Ace give me the acc I'll leave it on
When I go to bed and when I wake up before work I'll put it on
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 10:16 PM
Im out of accounts
I think red hatz has a nooby account @Blue_Hatz
Need any accounts to spam
Blue_Hatz 21-Aug-18 10:18 PM
Yeah i have that lvl 80 we used to lure
Got a lvl 64 pure aswell
I think i have a lvl 3 aswell
Dont tbink theyre membs anymore
BIZZ 21-Aug-18 10:28 PM
Chillstep has been one of my favorite genres for quite some time now. So here is an epic 2 hour chillstep mix/collection! Thanks for 28 000+ subscribers and ...
Rythm 21-Aug-18 10:28 PM
youtube Searching ๐Ÿ”Ž https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWRISvgAygU
Playing ๐ŸŽถ Epic Chillstep Collection 2015 [2 Hours] - Now!
LS Godly 21-Aug-18 10:40 PM
ill be working on recruits around 730
@Ace Krave
Ace Krave 21-Aug-18 10:45 PM
exil3r if u can get that leak in envy
would be awesome
LS Godly 22-Aug-18 12:54 AM
@Ace Krave working on it man, lotsa work with this forums shit but im auto alching rn, 83 mage. I can give multiple people the pw too the account too help me train if they can
@Ace Krave everything should be good with forums now, all payments done and hes working on the page now I guess.
Ace Krave 22-Aug-18 12:57 AM
Dont give out forums link, till they complete
@Tyrant Did u put up spam bot?
For Purg Lobby remember ;p
LS Godly 22-Aug-18 01:15 AM
Yeah I wont mate
24-48 hrs for completion or could be a week ?
Tyrant 22-Aug-18 01:44 AM
I will before i hop off tonight
Tele_tubbies 22-Aug-18 03:25 AM
kyleflanagan 22-Aug-18 07:07 AM
hey guys, sorry been a busy week with both full time jobs... hope everyone's doing well! good job clearing IR
BIZZ 22-Aug-18 08:56 AM
no worries man hope ur good ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
kyleflanagan 22-Aug-18 10:31 AM
doing well man, hard grind till today. now im off on vacation fishing for 10 days haha!
ive grinded both flancrew and flancre w to 94 mage now though!
๐Ÿ‘Œ 1
Ace Krave 22-Aug-18 12:39 PM
@Legend @Council Don't give people Applicant rank unless, they have been to at least 3 trips
Make sure they active also
@Tyrant Did u do the auto typer?
barrage that 22-Aug-18 12:40 PM
how do i even do that lol
Ace Krave 22-Aug-18 12:40 PM
@LS Godly Hows the forums?
@barrage that Right click - roles>
barrage that 22-Aug-18 12:41 PM
i can only see like clan friend i cant give them rank
Blue_Hatz 22-Aug-18 12:41 PM
Okay cool
The Narcos 22-Aug-18 12:43 PM
was thinking
what would happen if we mass reported other clans spammers
Ace Krave 22-Aug-18 12:53 PM
@Legend @Dedicated @Veteran @OldSchool Chill in a discord channel / even if afk, makes us look active. show our numbers
If anyone can setup spam bots, if u can leave ur PC on or have extra
Please do, i can get you accounts to spam with if u need
BIZZ 22-Aug-18 01:40 PM
possible mute
@The Narcos
zuip - (mike) 22-Aug-18 02:55 PM
yo ace gimme the rank in new cc
gold star will do
LS Godly 22-Aug-18 07:14 PM
Hey ace, just got home from work. Forums are good just exploring and familiarizing myself with a lot of info that we need too know. But I just sent calum the ACP user and password. @Ace Krave
Ace Krave 22-Aug-18 07:27 PM
ok ok
LS Godly 22-Aug-18 07:31 PM
@Ace Krave think I could get a hand with making this Leak pure? 84 mage 63 range atm but I can supply income for whatever we need
I have enough time for certain stats but this past week has been busy af unless i bot it
Ace Krave 22-Aug-18 08:06 PM
Not sure, but glue0n has a extra max pure I think
i got some crazy head pains atm
so im just dieing
cant do much atm
unless anyone wants to host a recruiting trip
ill come to that
What we need is money
Could host recruiting events, top 3 recruiters gets like 5mil or someshit
Blue_Hatz 22-Aug-18 08:44 PM
@LS Godly if we can start doing quests on it for nmz i have an auto clicker we cna use on it
for strength and range
and attack
prayer would be easy
mage we can just auto click it aswell xd
LS Godly 22-Aug-18 08:44 PM
Awesome, yeah man
Ill get 94 mage and start questing. 84 atm
Blue_Hatz 22-Aug-18 08:45 PM
all we need is like shadow of the storm, fight arena, lost city, vampire slayer, and i think one of the gnome quests
LS Godly 22-Aug-18 08:54 PM
sounds good, ill work at those too
easy quests lol
Ace Krave 22-Aug-18 10:15 PM
@Tyrant did u do the spam bot?
LS Godly 22-Aug-18 11:34 PM
not a leak ?
Tyrant 22-Aug-18 11:37 PM
@Ace Krave I didn't get it set up last night but I just got a bond for my other account and I got it running now
Ace Krave 22-Aug-18 11:41 PM
Awesome man
@Tyrant Make sure its for purge lobby ;p
Where r u spamming it?
Tyrant 22-Aug-18 11:48 PM
w25 south ge
Ace Krave 22-Aug-18 11:50 PM
@Tyrant maybe dont do it in red:
kinda hard to see
default is better in my opinion
BIZZ 22-Aug-18 11:50 PM
ay cant wait to start spamming smites on forums lol
good bit action earlier lads
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 12:30 AM
I think these spammers are doing work
Guys, if u have a extra pc/laptop or if u afk for some hours, working/sleeping. Leave ur PC spamming over night with garyshood
put it on x4 seconeds, dont auto click+auto type = ban
only auto type, 0 ban rate.
Myself, tryant, exil3r. Have them going
More the better @Veteran @Dedicated @Legend
Tele_tubbies 23-Aug-18 01:43 AM
I'll see what I can do ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 04:01 AM
re-invited "baby aiden" name is M U L A ingame now i guess mattmulla in discord
idr why he left or got kicked tbh
kick him if he is leak, hes in hydra discord
with baby luca
gotta keep an eye on them
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 04:17 AM
Was going too say, they are two good additions. But all ranks should keep an eye on them forsure!
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 04:18 AM
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 04:18 AM
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 04:18 AM
@Ace Krave
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 04:18 AM
Dkm @Blue_Hatz
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 04:18 AM
its funny af u know its truee xd
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 04:26 AM
I caught ace rag ranging today, very very rare sighting, and then with whip
Without chins the first time too!!!! Not himself lately
ice 1
๐Ÿ˜‚ 2
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 01:10 PM
He wasnt feeling well today he wasnt even gomma go to the trip
Im happy he went
Idc woth what gear :v
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 01:13 PM
range is op
with chins
@Dedicated @Veteran @Legend Anyone able to setup a spammer ?
World 2, g.e packed of pures
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 01:35 PM
im just gonna go recruit tbh
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 01:53 PM
I been doing some today
BIZZ 23-Aug-18 03:27 PM
yo ace i can set up a spammer tonight
5k alchs till 94 mage
then my other pc is free
kinda pking on my laptop whilst the pures alching on the mac rn
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 03:32 PM
BIZZ 23-Aug-18 03:32 PM
how many kill
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 05:56 PM
@Legend @Veteran @Dedicated @Council Recruiting Trip in 35minutes - Those who show up will be remembered ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 06:08 PM
starting to look good
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 06:22 PM
Thats just the theme
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 06:24 PM
oh lol
Rythm 23-Aug-18 06:25 PM
โฉ Skipped ๐Ÿ‘
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 06:26 PM
the helm name
@Ace Krave
barrage that 23-Aug-18 06:37 PM
yeah iam here
i was pureevil
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 06:40 PM
Rythm 23-Aug-18 06:40 PM
โฉ Skipped ๐Ÿ‘
barrage that 23-Aug-18 06:40 PM
just lower the volume
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 06:57 PM
O C B is in fatality discord
The Narcos 23-Aug-18 06:59 PM
Tele_tubbies 23-Aug-18 07:15 PM
he keeps attacking me when finish a fight lol
barrage that 23-Aug-18 07:32 PM
some1 that can stake for me?
BIZZ 23-Aug-18 07:49 PM
King KObra 23-Aug-18 07:57 PM
@everyone come get in on this pk trip at revs boys!! bring yur l00ting bag ๐Ÿ˜›
world 18 edge
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 08:39 PM
@Tyrant Will u do spam again today?
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 08:42 PM
@King KObra just got in from work, give me 15 and ill join
Tyrant 23-Aug-18 09:46 PM
@Ace Krave It was running when i left for work this morning (430am ugh)
I think the 6 hr timer kicked it
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 09:46 PM
Tyrant 23-Aug-18 09:46 PM
Dont worry though ill keep the spam train rollin
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 09:46 PM
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 09:49 PM
this valkour guy is asking for red hats from these guys not in disc and trying too pk. Hes 100p with another team ive seen his name
+ hat lol
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 09:56 PM
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 09:57 PM
desperate or just tryna get disc for leak ? i know 100percent ive seen him at revs with some other team
also I Be Boolin, dont invite, hes with foe.
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 10:21 PM
When forums are out, we'll be having big changed to the way we recruit/allow members to join our trips. We'll have a private pking channel on discord for members only, applicants/clan-friends can only be move into the channel by a rank "if they trust them ofc" so a referral. Also clan friends we'll have to apply on the site or in discord chat with a rank should be easier for them. @Council @deleted-role @Legend @Dedicated @Veteran @OldSchool
Also we going out on weekends to rag IR.
ice 2
๐Ÿ‘Œ 1
๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ 1
/ snipe
barrage that 23-Aug-18 10:22 PM
nice nice
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 10:23 PM
Applications, are for new member. not for us ofc...
Gluon 23-Aug-18 10:23 PM
๐Ÿ‘Œ 42 redhat ๐Ÿ’ช
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 10:23 PM
Also will demote some advanced/dedicated members next week when forums are out
Unless they get active
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 10:24 PM
Put in werrrkk
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 10:24 PM
Discord is hard to prevent leaks, teamspeak is easier
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 10:24 PM
Yeah, im interested in switching too ts
What if ts for weekends and only ranks can g ?et in
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 10:24 PM
Teamspeak shows ips, so its risky to leak in a clan they just buy a booter and ddos them to prevent more
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 10:25 PM
and discord for the week?
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 10:25 PM
Na we not moving discord
i ment
We stay discord
Also new rank for all new members/recruits from cc/ingame
"New Recruit" rank
should help also
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 10:26 PM
So calum was saying sunday/monday for forums ?
hoping we have it before sundays trip ;p im pumped too see what he does with it. The forums run so smooth compared too others.
holy fuck ace!!!!
hes putting in work on it
@Ace Krave
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 10:28 PM
I dont see
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 10:28 PM
Oh really ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
hes changed a bunchve shit on it already
theme and layout a bit
Ace Krave 23-Aug-18 10:29 PM
like navigation n button
n stuff
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 10:29 PM
yeah looks much diff then when i first logged into it
fuck im pumped too see what he does wit it
We should find someone in our clan too do video edits for our pk trips
someone who is obviously interested and good with it. I know you vid too ace but if we have a good editor it would make our clan more appealing
Guys, if you happen too find ini pures while recruiting. As long as they are under 100cb We should grab some of them. As freezers they will help a fk ton. Was watching foe vs fatality longest clan fight. And each foe and fatality have 10-15 ini pures
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 10:41 PM
its starting to get shape
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 10:41 PM
the forums ? @Blue_Hatz
Blue_Hatz 23-Aug-18 10:41 PM
its starting to look good
LS Godly 23-Aug-18 10:42 PM
yeah, just needs too add some graphics. It runs smooth for forums though
Ace Krave 24-Aug-18 12:57 AM
@Council @Legend @Dedicated @Veteran [ IMPORTANT ] - If ur doing a trip and you think its getting leaked, take screenshot of the channel with the names of members on that trip.
Every rank do this.
only if ur sure a leak 90% sure, dont forget clans got scouts/world trackers. (edited)
its not hard to find clans..
Ace Krave 24-Aug-18 01:00 AM
- Do not tell anyone about the forums, do not link them -
LS Godly 24-Aug-18 01:02 AM
For ranks
Blue_Hatz 24-Aug-18 01:21 AM
will do
we needa fix this leak
LS Godly 24-Aug-18 02:15 AM
Screeny the cc so we know whose in it. Think if people go afk we move em from disc channel and kick from cc temporaily ? (Itll be better when we have a locked pk channel for all purge members; then we can move people from the channel if they go afk or arent regrouping quickly?) Iunno just suggestions
Itll be the same guy leaking everytime, they could have more then 1
@Blue_Hatz you have an autoclicker ?
Or any ranks that could set my leak account up with alchs for the night, lmk im fallin asleep
Blue_Hatz 24-Aug-18 02:33 AM
Yeah i use murgee
LS Godly 24-Aug-18 02:33 AM
Mind settin me up? Ill send you info
If you can obv
@Ace Krave which teams do you want leaks on?
Myles 5m for 4 quests what do you say
๐Ÿ‘Œ 1
BIZZ 24-Aug-18 03:13 AM
i got u bro
what quests
semi afk
@LS Godly
@Ace Krave noted will screenie trips
cant wait for the forums man!
yeah man were growing so we need to start doing things properly like the other clans do as much as it can sometimes be jarring for all the forum stuff it will help in the long run and get us more organised as a whole redhat
and ultimately leaks will have to go through a tougher process of getting in ice
Tyrant 24-Aug-18 05:03 AM
All pures join CC [Purge lobby] - Revs / Multi / Tourneys
whoops lol
got the spam going again @Ace Krave , hope you dont mind the fashionscape
EscoVitch 24-Aug-18 08:21 AM
@Ace Krave noted will take ss
Ace Krave 24-Aug-18 12:13 PM
Ace Krave 24-Aug-18 03:37 PM
Have we managed to get any leak on any clans ? @LS Godly @Blue_Hatz ?
LS Godly 24-Aug-18 04:03 PM
Our pures are like 55 cb atm ive tried too get into a ev/fi but wont allow it too low cb
Prob wont be for another week. I have so much to do ubless someone can help me out. (Red hatz qnd myles have been)
The Narcos 24-Aug-18 04:07 PM
theres is a leak in here
dont think its jisk, jawk or helz,
EscoVitch 24-Aug-18 04:15 PM
Will be going out for bit
Leaving this online @w24 g.e
Edit : All 70+ Pures
Ace Krave 24-Aug-18 04:24 PM
EscoVitch 24-Aug-18 05:01 PM
Just got back will be doing some later tonight;) @Ace Krave
any1's got a exilent vip acc?
Ace Krave 24-Aug-18 05:05 PM
The Narcos 24-Aug-18 05:13 PM
fatality leak?
Ace Krave 24-Aug-18 05:34 PM
Just scouts/world trackers
Ace Krave 24-Aug-18 08:39 PM
Ace Krave 24-Aug-18 10:16 PM
All these was safe
EscoVitch 24-Aug-18 10:23 PM
Purge getting bigger and bigger
Taking over โฃ๏ธ
LS Godly 25-Aug-18 02:28 AM
anyone recognize italian mob ?
BIZZ 25-Aug-18 11:16 AM
name rings a bell
he is in another clan
i know that much
currently 87 magic on the leak account
and counting
LS Godly 25-Aug-18 12:49 PM
okay, hes 72 cb and
he did seem familiar
Ace Krave 25-Aug-18 01:45 PM
LS Godly 25-Aug-18 02:21 PM
good ?
BIZZ 25-Aug-18 02:58 PM
Ace Krave 25-Aug-18 03:06 PM
Im taking screenshots of the trips without leaks
LS Godly 25-Aug-18 03:17 PM
Okay man
Gluon 25-Aug-18 03:39 PM
added xxl size he says "yes alot, Jaja legacy and NMP clan years ago" when i asked him if he had multi experience
LS Godly 25-Aug-18 04:13 PM
Yeah i was talking too him aswell.
He has lots of clan experience, he was in teal hat when i seen him
Ace Krave 25-Aug-18 06:00 PM
What happened to our announcement channel on discord
LS Godly 25-Aug-18 06:34 PM
What do you mean?? I see it @Ace Krave
Too change the way our characters look?
Blue_Hatz 25-Aug-18 07:52 PM
I see it too @Ace Krave
We doing trip today?
barrage that 25-Aug-18 07:58 PM
LS Godly 25-Aug-18 08:02 PM
@Blue_Hatz If youre est time, lets run a trip tonight and get some states lads in the clan
Blue_Hatz 25-Aug-18 08:14 PM
yeah im est bro
@Ace Krave wasnt purge surge ir?
wasnt he kicked couple days ago?
BIZZ 25-Aug-18 08:37 PM
news to me
Blue_Hatz 25-Aug-18 08:37 PM
BIZZ 25-Aug-18 08:37 PM
naaaaa not homie surge
Blue_Hatz 25-Aug-18 08:38 PM
couldve sworn..
BIZZ 25-Aug-18 08:38 PM
na bro no chance
guys sweet as hes new to this clanning stuff
he literally surges lol
Blue_Hatz 25-Aug-18 08:38 PM
idk bro...
i swear we kicked him couple days ago
he spammed the discord
with ir shit
nvm it was purge pulse
BIZZ 25-Aug-18 08:51 PM
yeah man surge is a good guy
Blue_Hatz 25-Aug-18 09:01 PM
@Flip Flops lemme get that split lol
took my kill basically xd
Ace Krave 25-Aug-18 11:50 PM
@Tyrant is spammer up?
Blue_Hatz 26-Aug-18 12:06 AM
https://www.facebook.com/uniladsound/videos/828002190876758/ idk why but i see a lot of gmt player here
We all know someone like this ๐Ÿ˜‚ Fairbairn Films
Ace Krave 26-Aug-18 12:24 AM
@Legend @Veteran @Dedicated Set up some spammers guys for the CC
Any time ur afk/sleeping/working, leave PC on spamming
adwox 26-Aug-18 12:33 AM
Red hatz I'll fight you if you kicked surge lol
BIZZ 26-Aug-18 01:35 AM
na he never bro
he got mixed up with some1 else
Blue_Hatz 26-Aug-18 01:37 AM
Yeah i wouldnt kick anyone tbh unless i see for myself someone is a leak/clan hopper/ multiper bser or if i have backup with you guys
adwox 26-Aug-18 01:56 AM
Lol i know I just wanted to start shit in here lol
BIZZ 26-Aug-18 02:01 AM
Listen to Myles Gulutu | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.
EscoVitch 26-Aug-18 02:37 AM
Will change character when i get online tomorrow its 03:37 am atm i went to the cafe today ๐Ÿ™ƒ @Ace Krave
barrage that 26-Aug-18 07:34 PM
some1 should get a scout to 50 edge or monastery for sup
barrage that 26-Aug-18 08:01 PM
Ace Krave 26-Aug-18 08:45 PM
Good shit.
amazing job
@everyone Stay in discord / CC - Chill in afk channel in discord or chill channel - Keep the discord active, great job. Video up soon
Auto switcher
to re-gear is op
BIZZ 26-Aug-18 08:49 PM
whats that ur looter or something lol?
Ace Krave 26-Aug-18 08:52 PM
BIZZ 26-Aug-18 08:52 PM
thinking why u there after lol
LS Godly 26-Aug-18 09:34 PM
Yo ace, on top of the leak account imma make like a lev. 3-20 for scout
BIZZ 26-Aug-18 10:24 PM
yo giving the 2nd pc a slight rest bro it literally heats my room like a fucking heaters on ill do it just before go bed and should be 91 by the morning ez
yaa errddd mandem firreee ting tag eeedeeyatt batty boys
Ace Krave 26-Aug-18 10:48 PM
oh no
BIZZ 26-Aug-18 10:48 PM
LS Godly 26-Aug-18 10:48 PM
yeah man all good
BIZZ 26-Aug-18 10:48 PM
1 of my 15 loool
Ace Krave 27-Aug-18 01:55 PM
Why has nobody joined IR yet?
someone join and attend a IR trip we'll find the leaks easily (edited)
Gluon 27-Aug-18 02:09 PM
oh im doing it now
i got an app in and everything lol they tried to recruit me personally
im like suuureee
fuckers think they can get leaks on us without consequences
pigfarmer recruited me out of edge, i 3-0 him in welfare when he had t staff lol and he was like dont let your talent go to waste on purge
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 02:37 PM
the leak account is now 91 mage and 63 range and ima do waterfall and all that on it tonight. it will be ready soon for most clans and i have members we currently have willing to go on discord and chat about how they have to be to leak cause they have secondary accounts like ags pure that look legit accounts that they dont use for clanning currently.
they sick of not being able to farm dem rev pvmers cause leaks lol
Ace Krave 27-Aug-18 03:00 PM
@LS Godly You need to give me ACP login or permission on forums
when ur online we discuss
@Legend @deleted-role @Veteran I think i just found the IR leak
Kullirumpali 27-Aug-18 03:02 PM
Oh shit u caught me?
keith 27-Aug-18 03:03 PM
kick it he was sketchy asfk
Ace Krave 27-Aug-18 03:03 PM
I was scrolling up pms with Vintage Mage I asked why he was in IR discord, then he says he wasn't so I checked again and he wasn't
Either I got him confused with someone, or he left the IR discord fast
keith 27-Aug-18 03:03 PM
polly left
thats what i would do
Kullirumpali 27-Aug-18 03:03 PM
He was just pking with us like 30 mins ago when we got hit by ir and
he said that if it contineus like this, he is gonna leave
Ace Krave 27-Aug-18 03:04 PM
I think IR are paying people to give locs, not exactly leaking themselves
Kullirumpali 27-Aug-18 03:04 PM
he said that he cba getting leaked every 2 mins
Atleast u didn't catch me yet ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Flip Flops 27-Aug-18 03:05 PM
ok hu
Ace Krave 27-Aug-18 03:06 PM
But this isnt enough proof to kick vintage
is it?
Kullirumpali 27-Aug-18 03:06 PM
He has been pking with us a lot and not always we got leaked
Ace Krave 27-Aug-18 03:08 PM
yh thats true
keith 27-Aug-18 03:09 PM
@Ace Krave ๐Ÿ˜‰ they love ya vids
Ace Krave 27-Aug-18 03:10 PM
Talking to Supremacy ranks
they are in a rivalry with IR, they smoke IR in f2p but on Sundays IR got +20 to them
SUP kill IR gmt unit midweeks, but IR kill SUP est unit
Tele_tubbies 27-Aug-18 03:49 PM
Let's alliance with supremacy on sundays then ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Ace Krave 27-Aug-18 03:54 PM
just a headsup
we might be getting into a big no honour rivalry with IR
I prefer not but if we do
we will take 200 mains
keith 27-Aug-18 03:59 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 04:06 PM
keith 27-Aug-18 04:21 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 04:31 PM
keith 27-Aug-18 04:31 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 04:53 PM
Ace Krave 27-Aug-18 05:05 PM
keith 27-Aug-18 05:05 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 05:20 PM
keith 27-Aug-18 05:33 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 05:48 PM
Flip Flops 27-Aug-18 05:48 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 06:03 PM
Flip Flops 27-Aug-18 06:03 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 06:14 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 07:11 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 09:54 PM
Flip Flops 27-Aug-18 10:04 PM
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 10:18 PM
Flip Flops 27-Aug-18 10:32 PM
barrage that 27-Aug-18 10:49 PM
supremacy are good man
i like alcher hes a good boy
and ir alliance with apex is holding ir dick so hard
but i think we acc can pull like 80 on sundays ezpz acctualy
i want to see what we can pull on weekend trips if we can pull like 80 we dosent need to alliance with any1 and we can acc fight other clans and dosent need to crash any fight
Flip Flops 27-Aug-18 11:03 PM
i want to fuck IR to the point they close
so anything towards that goal is good w./ me
BIZZ 27-Aug-18 11:07 PM
keith 27-Aug-18 11:19 PM
barrage that 27-Aug-18 11:26 PM
yeah we should have a talk about that all ranks
keith 27-Aug-18 11:34 PM
Flip Flops 27-Aug-18 11:34 PM
keith 28-Aug-18 12:15 AM
BIZZ 28-Aug-18 12:37 AM
Gluon 28-Aug-18 08:35 AM
why are you guys always posting numbers ?
LS Godly 28-Aug-18 12:08 PM
Pks, for splits @Gluon. Should use diff chat
Ace Krave 28-Aug-18 12:17 PM
@Veteran @Dedicated @Legend @deleted-role @Council - Purge Myles, scammed a lot of people and dipped out of the clan. - Be careful
EscoVitch 28-Aug-18 12:46 PM
Wow did not see that coming ๐Ÿ˜ช
keith 28-Aug-18 12:53 PM
^ didint saw that comming either
Flip Flops 28-Aug-18 01:36 PM
how do i use the music bot man
im retarded
keith 28-Aug-18 02:10 PM
@Ace Krave myles changed his name to stay savage and now into bizzniss
so keep carefull for that name
Ace Krave 28-Aug-18 02:18 PM
yh i know
what a scrub
little does he know we have his irl adress
Kullirumpali 28-Aug-18 02:21 PM
Lol myles for real?
keith 28-Aug-18 02:23 PM
we do have his irl adress?
Kullirumpali 28-Aug-18 02:23 PM
I have his sisters phone number
LS Godly 28-Aug-18 02:28 PM
Yeah m8... Myles, didnt see that coming
Ive got aclot of his inrl info so he kindve fkd up
I just forgot about my zerk too... He took 150m and got rid of 3 pets
In gunna fuck this kids life up
adwox 28-Aug-18 02:41 PM
Lmfao that fuckin try hard
What a tool
Rs pure community is the most trash community in the world
adwox 28-Aug-18 03:27 PM
Buy a tbow
And lemme try it
Tele_tubbies 28-Aug-18 03:43 PM
Damn @LS Godly that sucks
The kid literally has no future, he's gunna end up dead or in jail in the near future
keith 28-Aug-18 03:45 PM
2,8b bank now
we won 13 100m stakes in a row
Tele_tubbies 28-Aug-18 03:45 PM
Who's we
keith 28-Aug-18 03:45 PM
us in discord
were chilling
Tele_tubbies 28-Aug-18 03:45 PM
keith 28-Aug-18 03:46 PM
@all clan members there will be a fat dropparty at 17:00 englisch time
Tele_tubbies 28-Aug-18 03:47 PM
I'm at work rn ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
And u said it in ranks only @keith
adwox 28-Aug-18 04:36 PM
What time is it now in English time lol
barrage that 28-Aug-18 05:25 PM
maybe he was the leak??
he most been the leak
Ace Krave 28-Aug-18 06:00 PM
@keith Will you sell GP ?
Tele_tubbies 28-Aug-18 08:23 PM
@keith can i buy like 300m?
barrage that 28-Aug-18 09:08 PM
very proud of every1 the appeard on the f2p mini today against ir
Tele_tubbies 28-Aug-18 09:19 PM
why is ace so hard to get a hold of
LS Godly 28-Aug-18 09:25 PM
Mans always busy, i think hes got a lot rn with the forums and other clan stuff + irl stuff
Always on go
Tyrant 28-Aug-18 10:51 PM
What state/province does Myles live?
redhat ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Ace Krave 28-Aug-18 11:05 PM
@Tyrant SPAMMER?
Tyrant 28-Aug-18 11:06 PM
Been doing it sporadically in a few different places, we've had power surges/outtages the past few days. Thunderstorms. Florida :/
Ace Krave 28-Aug-18 11:48 PM
A new era of Purge is coming
Hope your all ready
barrage that 29-Aug-18 09:51 AM
fucking hell a mid lvl team with barrow items just hit w 7 lol
with dh karils torag
every thing
Ace Krave 29-Aug-18 01:04 PM
I done a bunch of work on forums
Taking a break from forums atm
LS Godly 29-Aug-18 01:19 PM
okay man, whatre you up too right now ? and anything i can do for you ?
Ace Krave 29-Aug-18 01:59 PM
@Legend @deleted-role @Council @Dedicated @Veteran - IR are trying to get me banned, on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/9b5dy1/is_this_gearing_method_against_osrs_rules/
9 votes and 25 comments so far on Reddit
they have the link of me testing a script for auto returning.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Ace Krave 29-Aug-18 02:00 PM
So open the imgur link, put this link inside and tell me why they should remove this image
@Legend do it now pls
LS Godly 29-Aug-18 02:01 PM
I did it
can do more then once ?
Ace Krave 29-Aug-18 02:06 PM
i did it x2
LS Godly 29-Aug-18 02:07 PM
ive done it
Gluon 29-Aug-18 02:26 PM
Did it a 3 times now fuck man thatโ€™s so fucked
someone tweet mid weath saying this is basically bullying
LS Godly 29-Aug-18 02:41 PM
does anyone recognize name "mourinho out"?
adwox 29-Aug-18 02:49 PM
The guy who's been in our cc for a few days? Lol
LS Godly 29-Aug-18 02:50 PM
Yeah, i gave him invite 2 days ago
he is on vacation
The Narcos 29-Aug-18 07:01 PM
found myles
adwox 29-Aug-18 07:06 PM
EscoVitch 29-Aug-18 07:54 PM
ir getting ready talking trash lol
Blue_Hatz 29-Aug-18 08:45 PM
its been removed ace
Ace Krave 29-Aug-18 10:26 PM
We heard EOP / FOE was regrouping and heading towards our cave. We massed up 30 Purgers within 29 seconds, we hit them just as they started battling a...
Guys Our Purge-Rs Forums are not ready for release yet do not give them out.
Ace Krave 30-Aug-18 12:28 AM
thats foe website l0l
foe seem shook
LS Godly 30-Aug-18 12:32 AM
They forsure shook lmao, but on weekends they will get numbers. So lets continue with recruiting valuable members,were doing great with this process. @Ace Krave
Everyone keep your spammers running all night
Ace Krave 30-Aug-18 12:36 AM
@Change Gear step up
LS Godly 30-Aug-18 12:48 AM
know what that means ?
lets leak foe
or join finalownage cc and blast him out
Ace Krave 30-Aug-18 01:13 AM
that wouldnt be good idea
just forget him
but we know he joined foe
Polo 30-Aug-18 12:33 PM
Is that Miles???
Ace Krave 30-Aug-18 02:01 PM
Who the fk
promtoed u
@Council No promoting people
We have promotion dates
For promotions
@The Narcos
No promotion people, we have a promotion day for that
Blue_Hatz 30-Aug-18 02:31 PM
i didnt promote anyone
LS Godly 31-Aug-18 12:56 AM
this gon be ur new dutch friend lol, he loaded like you too
LS Godly 31-Aug-18 12:42 PM
Ir says for us too be out this weekend
Ace Krave 31-Aug-18 02:13 PM
So funny man
LS Godly 31-Aug-18 03:12 PM
@Ace Krave Recognize maltese ? or just a single pker?
Ace Krave 31-Aug-18 07:19 PM
@everyone Anyone want exclient pro login details? so u can use vip
LS Godly 31-Aug-18 11:54 PM
i feel kindve weird seeing that terodactyl name cause of the spy in the wild we always see @Ace Krave CANT be 100% sure tho
LS Godly 01-Sep-18 03:16 AM
Talking too leader of Supp, hes very respectful. Hes interested in getting us going too prep wars/ pkri's with equal guys
LS Godly 01-Sep-18 04:40 AM
@Ace Krave i think me and all of us who can need too get you gear for preps. Max mage or range-melee.
Time too grow. And thats shir youll need
barrage that 01-Sep-18 12:25 PM
any1 have a abysal dagger or abysal bluedgon i can barrow to train str
Ace Krave 01-Sep-18 03:24 PM
@barrage that
barrage that 01-Sep-18 03:34 PM
move me up
@The Narcos can u move me up bro
The Narcos 01-Sep-18 03:35 PM
join a channel
Ace Krave 01-Sep-18 04:04 PM
Applications » Requirements: 85+ Strength 85+ Ranged 82+ Magic
LS Godly 01-Sep-18 06:00 PM
Anyone know if big suge was kicked? Changed his name too purge suge and is now trying too get into disc?
The Narcos 01-Sep-18 06:07 PM
think there was a difference between surge and suge
Blue_Hatz 01-Sep-18 10:36 PM
who reinvited purge suge?
he was a leak
barrage that 01-Sep-18 11:00 PM
finally like 200 kills dry
barrage that 02-Sep-18 12:11 AM
mad it to jad 20% heal left and died
fuck this game
LS Godly 02-Sep-18 01:36 AM
i feel ya man, thats bs
LS Godly 02-Sep-18 04:47 AM
any @Legend @Dedicated around ?
King KObra 02-Sep-18 04:47 AM
adwox 02-Sep-18 04:48 AM
LS Godly 02-Sep-18 04:48 AM
Have a couple est guys in cc that are working on their discord cause they have quit for ages and will need invites but imma be putting auto typer on for night if you could help them out, either way ive added them too get in another time if needed
King KObra 02-Sep-18 04:49 AM
ok, i gotcha
LS Godly 02-Sep-18 04:50 AM
sweet !
tryna get est popping boy !
@King KObra they gon let you know when the guys ready and theyll send u discord
Night lads, see ya 9est
King KObra 02-Sep-18 04:53 AM
Flip Flops 02-Sep-18 09:55 AM
I invited yung mauley back to the CC
sorry, discord
i spoke to him about why he got kicked out of discord (pvming when we were prepping for IR) and told him he has a final warning and that when the clan is fighting a team and massed he has to be there, it doesnt matter if he doesnt think theyare out or not
so if you catch him pvming when we are massed, kick him permanently.
Flip Flops 02-Sep-18 10:26 AM
@Ace Krave he cant see the discord channels tho so may need extra shit
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 01:57 PM
@Flip Flops I think he was the leak
But i might be wrong, i did get mad at him
Blue_Hatz 02-Sep-18 02:04 PM
Anyone know why fzang got kicked?
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 02:21 PM
@Council @deleted-role @Legend @Dedicated @Veteran - Let members know big trip/war today, keep saying it the cc like every 30minutes or something. Hype it up let people in the CC know
2 EST // 7 GMT
Tyrant 02-Sep-18 03:21 PM
@Blue_Hatz Yeah. I kicked him because he bsed me while I was in the cc, in a red hat with a purge name at caves
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 04:51 PM
@Council @deleted-role @Legend @Dedicated @Veteran - Be ready for todays trip, starts in 2hours 30mins - Get your scouts fully ready, boneyard/gdz
Don't be late
Tell everyone about the trip tonight
Every 30mins or something type it in the cc, hype it up
pm people
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 05:57 PM
@barrage that @LS Godly
Join a channel, quick chat
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 06:18 PM
Make sure
LS Godly 02-Sep-18 06:34 PM
my scouts at Ruins
Tyrant 02-Sep-18 06:35 PM
lets goo
Make sure you have return sets ready. Chins required if you're ranging. Everyone should have pheonix necklaces and brews. Antifire is recommended unless you like getting dbolted โค redhat
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 06:56 PM
@everyone Be Ready, Regrouping in 5minutes, for a big Sunday Trip. stock up on ur gear
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 07:00 PM
@everyone Move To Mass Channel in Discord - REGROUPING FOR SUNDAY TRIP - WORLD 18 EDGE BANK NOW
@everyone Move To Mass Channel in Discord - REGROUPING FOR SUNDAY TRIP - WORLD 18 EDGE BANK NOW
@everyone Move To Mass Channel in Discord - REGROUPING FOR SUNDAY TRIP - WORLD 18 EDGE BANK NOW
@everyone WORLD 18 EDGE NOW - Big Sunday Trip! Come now
@everyone WORLD 18 EDGE NOW - Big Sunday Trip! Come now
@Legend @Council @Veteran @Dedicated - Show up now
@everyone Time to shine, World 18 Edge Lets Go! - Big clan fights - Don't miss this
Flip Flops 02-Sep-18 07:58 PM
Yo BM bsed earlier
has his private on friends
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 08:49 PM
barrage that 02-Sep-18 08:49 PM
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 08:59 PM
Bad Trip, but we did show up with 50-55
Im sure some of the new guys learned from this
LS Godly 02-Sep-18 09:00 PM
Ace Krave 02-Sep-18 09:03 PM
Ace Krave 03-Sep-18 01:26 PM
The amount of members who was missing from out trip yesterday is not acceptabl
we was missing 12 ranks
and some elies
Also I had some amazing ideas last night
The Narcos 03-Sep-18 01:59 PM
is suggest we make a checklist
you should show up for atleast a certain amount of events as a certain rank
The Narcos 03-Sep-18 02:00 PM
else there is no point in having a rank
Ace Krave 03-Sep-18 02:08 PM
Just right clicked added every person in discord
450+ people
took me like 45mins
Kullirumpali 03-Sep-18 03:54 PM
I was on for like first 30 mins, but since Im from Finland the event was pretty late for me. And i go to work 6:30 am so can't play all night
Ace Krave 03-Sep-18 04:08 PM
@deleted-role @Legend @Dedicated @Veteran @Council @everyone We are releasing forums for the growth of this clan and will be changing the way things are run. You must firstly register an account on https://purge-rs.com/community/ After you have completed your account you must then post an introduction (This will take 2 minutes). Too become a full time member you must fill out an application form which also takes very little time. IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER, FILL OUT AN INTRODUCTION ONLY We have spent a lot of money and countless hours creating these forums for EVERYONE in this clans benefit; whether it be for leaks, clan events, talking / getting too know other members and for the overall growth and production that we can achieve. - Much Love Purge โค
Tele_tubbies 03-Sep-18 05:46 PM
Ace Krave 03-Sep-18 06:43 PM
Bascially spent like 5hours
moderating members and forums
LS Godly 03-Sep-18 06:44 PM
Going ham. Im making topics for people too post on + what we talked about ace
Tele_tubbies 03-Sep-18 08:01 PM
1 blowpipe
LS Godly 03-Sep-18 08:21 PM
pked blowpipe ?
@Ace Krave Getting a lot of EV members right now. Team 39 is getting them all. Im making list of them all so we can watch etc. But apparently EV ended today.
Ace Krave 03-Sep-18 08:51 PM
i got 1 aswell
he pro nher
as good as me
LS Godly 03-Sep-18 08:55 PM
Team 39 Stoniepker Ate Alch Mom
all EV members
Pfft ace 1v1
Ace Krave 03-Sep-18 09:38 PM
Invite them
Good shit, i been messaging some of their ranks
some good nhers
I also helping a lot of people on forums
LS Godly 03-Sep-18 09:42 PM
yeah thats all im doing atm
is helping people with forums etc
getting them into discord + getting appopriate ranks for new members
lots for us to do @Ace Krave
Ill be honest @Ace Krave I could just not play rs and do all the forums work lol
Im amused with this sht lol
barrage that 03-Sep-18 11:00 PM
gn guys gj on the forums and every thing
LS Godly 03-Sep-18 11:00 PM
Ace Krave 03-Sep-18 11:00 PM
LS Godly 03-Sep-18 11:04 PM
@Leader @Council @High Council @deleted-role @Legend @Dedicated @Veteran IF YOU GUYS GET A CHANCE, LOOK THROUGH THE LIST ON FORUMS UNDER "THE NETWORK" I will need your helps too add too this list in order too create the strongest groups for those areas of interest. Also @Ace Krave For Tourny worlds, we should do a weeekly tourny world fight. ( the two team leaders must choose team, this team stays the leader must either trade players or help them become better too win )
Ace Krave 03-Sep-18 11:23 PM
Only captain+ can see it i think
maybe elites
LS Godly 03-Sep-18 11:33 PM
okay thanks for confirming @Ace Krave
LS Godly 04-Sep-18 12:53 AM
Im interested in having dedicated tbers for week trips
Im going too find and list them and i will make sure they get paid well for it.
Kullirumpali 04-Sep-18 08:55 AM
Made 2 same topics on forums by accident, cant delete one. If someone can delete one it would be great
Remorex 04-Sep-18 10:52 AM
Done nubs
The Narcos 04-Sep-18 11:39 AM
making allot of lists means we have to update them too all the time
LS Godly 04-Sep-18 03:32 PM
@Ace Krave is 25 defence okay...? guys pree good
IGN: BankYourDank
Ace Krave 04-Sep-18 03:33 PM
LS Godly 04-Sep-18 03:34 PM
Ace Krave 04-Sep-18 06:48 PM
@The Narcos sit in a discord channel somewhere (edited)
Flip Flops 04-Sep-18 07:58 PM
Ace Krave 04-Sep-18 07:58 PM
@Flip Flops
Custos 04-Sep-18 07:58 PM
Tele_tubbies 04-Sep-18 09:05 PM
about 30 white hats pking at revs rn
Ace Krave 05-Sep-18 03:04 PM
โš  BIG TRIP TODAY โš  Be online 9 PM GMT / 4PM EST โš  Big Trip - Inviting other clans out at this time. Don't miss this
LS Godly 05-Sep-18 03:10 PM
See you then lad ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Tele_tubbies 05-Sep-18 03:39 PM
We need High Council Warlord rankings @Ace Krave
High council and warlord*
Ace Krave 05-Sep-18 03:51 PM
In time our councils will step up to those ranks and our members will take council spots etc
keith 05-Sep-18 05:21 PM
@Ace Krave i be there honey
Ace Krave 05-Sep-18 09:57 PM
it was a lot better than envy thats for sure, the clan wars needed work obviously but the rev cave action was disciplined and organized, no scrubs fucking around and getting everyone slaughtered or anything like that, plus 35 weekday pull is pretty good. of course that dude was crying about getting hit by 2 mains but he got caught up in the wrong world and should take an L for the fuck up, not bitch about it so i'm with you on that one as well. overall i like it and would like it stick around, no shady activity or bullshit from what i can see ๐Ÿ’ช ๐Ÿ‘
๐Ÿ’ช 1
Ace Krave 05-Sep-18 10:00 PM
@Holy it works now?
Holy 05-Sep-18 10:14 PM
Yh @Ace Krave
Ace Krave 05-Sep-18 10:18 PM
@Council sit in a discord channel
fucking weebs
u shud be telling others this
The Narcos 05-Sep-18 10:18 PM
going to bed
weekend after tommorow tho
Ace Krave 05-Sep-18 10:19 PM
Holy 05-Sep-18 10:27 PM
Yeah giys
Show how it needs to be done rofl
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 01:32 AM
Are studying todays events/videos
I didn't realise Supremacy was that weak of a clan
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 01:45 AM
For how long and how many quality pures they have, they arent good. We just need better tactics and tanking.
Better placement in the field
Holy 06-Sep-18 07:43 AM
Yup, if this will be improved. Everything will be alright and the other clans will wish they are dreaming when getting planked.
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 05:41 PM
Yo guys, orchid is back as Elite now, old friend. Was here before he went a bit inactive but now is fully onboard @Legend @deleted-role @Council @Dedicated @Veteran
FINLAD/NANNI 06-Sep-18 05:42 PM
wheres my advanced ๐Ÿ˜› @Ace Krave
Ricky | P ricks 06-Sep-18 05:47 PM
More inners is a must, i need to get better all together
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 05:52 PM
Rick, lets do some 1v1s, itll help you with overheads etc
Did like 30 1v1s at clan wars with @Slians
Helps so much.
Remorex 06-Sep-18 06:16 PM
What the fuck is this bitch music
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 06:18 PM
Wsup snipe
Can in a bit yeah man, just making food
well go clan wars so we dont waste gear
just food & pots
Max gear fight or pkri gear?
Holy 06-Sep-18 06:38 PM
Welcome back @Moi Orchid (PLAY 45)
Moi Orchid (PLAY 45) 06-Sep-18 06:38 PM
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 06:39 PM
@Moi Orchid (PLAY 45) ayooooooo
Holy 06-Sep-18 06:39 PM
I want to see u work hard
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 06:39 PM
Can we lock certain channels from everyone but like 5-6 people talking max for occasions ? Or do you have to individual mute from channel?
For discord @Ace Krave
Holy 06-Sep-18 06:50 PM
Perfect idea tbh
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 06:51 PM
Well just thinking for trips i dont want RNG and a bunchve other clowns calling over their leaders later, cause regardless im gunna have to pk with them and teach them shit
Est we need too pick it up a notch
adwox 06-Sep-18 07:02 PM
If they can't handle not talking for a trip they can be muted lol
EscoVitch 06-Sep-18 07:02 PM
adwox 06-Sep-18 07:03 PM
Misfits was trying to mini us last night. Maybe we should get at then today when people are on
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 07:41 PM
yeah we could forsure @adwox what time roughly est ?
adwox 06-Sep-18 07:43 PM
Umm like 8 est probably
Our cc was dead af
But I'm sure they would any time
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 07:46 PM
you know how many they were pulling ?
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 09:53 PM
I think these Inners wasn't beneficial, when clans do inners they take that shit fully serious as if they are fighting other clans. We should of done p2p max gear/f2p Inners. With legit callers and everyone putting in full effort.
Even p2p welf inners but seriously
I don't know how any of this was training* but I do see how it might of been fun
We should be looking for people who perform bad and telling them why they are performing bad
And looking for those who are good (edited)
I feel like these Inners was just trolling
But I know people enjoyed it so its still worth
We should spend time making teams as equal as possible and actually going full effort into beating the opposite teams
That's practice
But I'm still glad we did these inners
Ricky | P ricks 06-Sep-18 09:58 PM
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:03 PM
I think that you are right bruh
But i think our practice needs to be off a other level
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:21 PM
Perhaps, my opinion is people learn no matter what, i see people forgetting to put protect prayers up, people forgetting phoenix necks and so on, eventho it might feel like fun/trolling it might be when you know what you are doing, but for the new guys it's eeasier to see what they are doing wrong instead of being too focused about urself and ur own mistakes. I dont play much but i still see alot of people making mistakes which i wouldn't if i been too focused about my own. It's was good, fun and it gives a good vibe to the entire clan which dont really pk. I dont know half the guys in the clan, and i would ignore them at revs being busy fucking every other clan. As if now we get to know eachother, i've learned that me and focus are pretty alike in playing smart, i always have the guy around me and know i can trust him having my back if im in deep shit. We need this even to get to know our members and having another way of interacting then listening to one caller at revs, asking for an antivenom and so on.
Tired af sry for my english haha
That's what i think, its not even mandatory so if u don't like it, don't come, if u wanna improve, doesn't have to be for the clan's sake, but for ur own.
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:36 PM
Tbh, I think those type of events will/can improve alot for us when we are fighting other clans in the wilderness. We should practice more only in wildy gear so we can fully focus on tanking and not dying untill ur out. As Remo said doesnโ€™t matter if we practice, just if we keep doing it its good. Just mix up the types of events/cwara and everything will be alright.
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:42 PM
We did 13vs13, 3times without a caller on random maps, we then let 2guys call who are not "callers" 1 did bad 1 did good props to remo, then we did 1vs1 in clanwars
What the fuck
"it was fun, im sure it helped" (edited)
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:43 PM
Its just for the practice bro we had some new people with us today too
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:43 PM
So lets show them
how serious we are
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:44 PM
I like the other type also more
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:44 PM
and have expectations
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:44 PM
But just wildy gear always
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:44 PM
Maybe, but u gotta think about the posibility that the caller at revs if we're not there might not be the best, or goes mute due to stress or getting shy
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:44 PM
Cause when we fight other clans its always in wildy, and people need to learn to tank in wildy gear/ drop people with wildy gear
Not max max max max
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:44 PM
no1 cares about revs, its about pkris/clanwars/weekends
those 3 should be serious as fuck
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:44 PM
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:45 PM
Inners are practice for all 3.
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:45 PM
Good u mentioned sunday
Wildy gear
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:45 PM
But i cant complain because I didn't even think of hosting inners
So its good idea we did, im surprised how many showed up
But we could of at least done inners
instead of this other shit
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:45 PM
Thats true
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:45 PM
"fun" on runescape
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:45 PM
Maybe, but practising without a caller aswell puts people to try to manage and know their surroundings(looking for piles, their placement) and so on
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:45 PM
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:45 PM
But Jamie came with the idea
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:45 PM
U want fun get drunk do drugs, play 2k18 games
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:46 PM
It was good tho from his side
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:46 PM
fun on medieval runescape 2007 version
I will turn u all into gods.
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:46 PM
I understand what u mean like, show how serious we are and what we do as a clan and how we practice
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:46 PM
nah see? people who wants to become better comes to the inners, those who feel good enough(like you) dont have to.
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:46 PM
You all will be clanning warriors.
anyone can click p neck
and hotkey switch prayer
if they can't
they should
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:46 PM
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:46 PM
consider joining sog
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:46 PM
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:46 PM
thats how
it needs to be
iv been patient for 3months now
but now
its time
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:47 PM
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:47 PM
To be x100 more serious
and if anyone cant keep up
they can go in the trash can
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:47 PM
They should consider leaving
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:47 PM
bruh, people cant even do jad
so how the fuck r they supposed to prayflick 5 guys
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:48 PM
they cant do jad because they are dribbling and not focusing correctly
or paying attention
All comes down to focusing
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:48 PM
exactly, without calling its all about focus
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:48 PM
WE have some really strong quality in here and we can show it because we are weighed down with newbs.
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:48 PM
right @The Narcos
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:48 PM
But its fine
We just need to be more serious
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:48 PM
So as i said a month ago
Blue_Hatz 06-Sep-18 10:48 PM
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:49 PM
put the best vs the nubs
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:49 PM
Yes and i was patient last months
but now
We are too big
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:49 PM
show them what they could be doing
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:49 PM
We are so healthy of a clan, we can pressure quality now.
Who the fk wants to pk with SOMEONE MAGING IN A AVA'S
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:49 PM
Quality over quantity
Now that u got the quality
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:49 PM
Well as i said people werent even praying prot prayers
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
I know
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
they will next time after they got onebanged today
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
We did fine, we pulled 30 clan is healthy.
the problem is
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
Clan is healthy for sure
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
Our attitude is not correct
this is only problem
Clan is super active/healthy.
Progress is amazing
Time we start
being serious
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
See? ur talking like i did a month ago
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
u turned into the mean me
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 10:50 PM
I agree strongly with that
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:51 PM
These inners
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:51 PM
the big bad wolf
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:51 PM
no callers, 1vs1, random maps, wildy gear
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:51 PM
Weโ€™re working hard to make progress
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:51 PM
what the actual fuck
i expect that from SOG
we shale step up
so high
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 10:51 PM
Our inners should be max mage
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:51 PM
we will knee ourselves in the face
LS Godly 06-Sep-18 10:51 PM
thats what other clans do
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:51 PM
I peaked into supremacy teamspeak when they did inners
and they was
when someone d scimmed
they shouted.
and its only because
they putting in effort
and care.
We are being careless and not putting in effort
anyone can play runescape
or call d scim
its baby work
We need to treat every event as if it was our most important event. (edited)
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:52 PM
maybe, but u gotta think about it that this was a fun inners
not hosted by the leader
i think godly did an awesome job putting this together
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:53 PM
And you guys must support and bully these weak members its the only way they will get stronger, I cant bully them myself 24/7 they'll hate me.
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:53 PM
This was just a warm up ace, we showed people what they can expect for the first try for these type of events.
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:53 PM
I dont play to make friends, or a community so we can all hold hands and play medieval runescape.
this clan is to kill clans
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:53 PM
thats why im the most loved and hated ranked member in the clan
let them hate
i dont wanna pk with 60's, fuck that
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:54 PM
Wrong ace
Ur totally wrong now
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:54 PM
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:54 PM
so i tell them im not pkin with you mfuckers n leave
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:54 PM
You guys haven't seen my true form yet
Im a hobogobline
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:54 PM
Better change ur name to Purge Nemo
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:54 PM
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:54 PM
Thought u was hobogoblin naruto ask
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:54 PM
cus ur turning into a clone of me
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:54 PM
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:55 PM
Adapt or get in the trash can
But everyone here is fine
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:55 PM
old misfits inc
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:55 PM
Im not
Ask remo
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:55 PM
its just our attitude towards new members must be "high expectations"
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:55 PM
He just found me@on porringen
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:55 PM
They will respect us
and listen
for putting in effort
and caring (edited)
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:55 PM
yea whats the req set to pkin revs atm?
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:56 PM
all 99s
na its 70cb+
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:56 PM
70+ combat
85 mage
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:56 PM
then make it 75
people push towards 75 in no time
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:56 PM
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:56 PM
No its not the requirements.
Its our expectations
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:56 PM
everyone wants a piece of meat
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:56 PM
If someone comes with shit gear
tell him to leave
untill he fixes it
or leaves the clan
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:56 PM
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:56 PM
Whats that gear bro
Like ace always do
Fix that shit or ur nit coming
Remorex 06-Sep-18 10:57 PM
but yo listen nub
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:57 PM
if i see another ava's mager, or a ranger without d'hide chaps. I swear
to god
I will fucking
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:57 PM
Insta ba
Ace Krave 06-Sep-18 10:57 PM
na man
I will
Holy 06-Sep-18 10:57 PM